16th Century Gown

This wonderful 16th century gown is inspired by the lovely fashions worn by Queen Elizabeth the first, in her long reign as the Queen of England.
The overgown is made of a beautiful deep plum dupioni silk.  It is heavily beaded at the neck, sleeves and down the front of the overskirt.  The neckline and bodice are also accented with small amethyst colored Czech glass beads, faux pearls, and delica beads in gold tone.  The overgown snaps at the back.
The underskirt is made of embroidered and beaded dupioni silk.  It is fully lined and snaps at the back.  The beaded partlet is cut to fit so that it stays open at the bust line as it is worn with the gown.  The attifet is made of the same plum silk, accented with white organza, and white lace, and is beaded with the same rocaille and delica beads as the gown.  It comes with a long white chiffon veil.
The neck and wrist ruffs are made by hand, and quite elaborate and delicate.  The neck ruff is accented with tiny faux pearls, and ties on at the back.  The neck and wrist ruffs are both made of soft white lace.  The jewelry is made of coordinating faux white pearls, Czech glass beads, gold delica beads, and an antique gold bead at the end of the long pendant front of the girdle (belt).
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