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Queen Mary Tudor

Mary Tudor became queen after the death of her brother, Edward VI.  She was born in February 1516, the first daughter of King Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon.
Mary had a hard life, dealing with her mother's banishment, removal from the succession to the throne, her mother's death, and a parade of step-mothers.  She much of the time lived in fear of her father, and his moods and desires.  She even had to denounce her own religion in order to spare her own life from her father's tyrannical ways. She was sent away from court, and declared illegitimate after Henry's marriage to Anne Boleyn and was forbidden to see her mother, even as Catherine suffered and died in 1536.
Henry's third wife, Jane Seymour, arranged for her to come back to court after her mother's death, and helped to rebuild the relationship between Mary and her father.
She became queen in 1553, and ruled for only five years.  Her health was never good, and she dealt with many frustrating ailments.

She is remembered as "Bloody Mary" for the number of Protestants she ordered burned at the stake during her reign.  In comparison, the number of people she sent to the tower and eventually their deaths vastly pales in comparison to the number of people put to death by her father, Henry VIII.  She at one point even had her sister Elizabeth placed in the tower and her life was in danger for a time.

Mary suffered from phantom pregnancies, ill health and did not die with an heir.  She reluctantly agreed to pass the crown to her sister Elizabeth, with the hope that Elizabeth would continue with the Catholic faith.

Mary died in November of 1558 at age 42, after only five years on the throne.
She is buried at Westminster Abbey, next to her sister Elizabeth.


Mary's gown is made of deep chocolate brown dupioni silk.  It is fully lined and snaps at the back.  It can be worn with or without the over partlet, which is accented with antique gold trim, gold delica beads, gold embroidery and a handmade and beaded jeweled broach.  The neckline of the gown is accented with black Czech beads and faux pearls, with gold delica beads. The under partlet (blouse) is made of soft white cotton, which is embroidered with gold thread and accented with black Czech glass beads and tiny faux pearls.  The underskirt and large cuffs are made of a brown and tan royal looking brocade.  They are both fully lined.  The cuffs are accented with white cotton puff and slashing and the same beads as the gown. The headpiece is made of sturdy materials, and covered with black and ivory silk, as in the portrait. It is accented with black Czech glass beads, gold delica beads and tiny faux white pearls.  It has a long black chiffon veil at the back.  Her jewelry is made of the same beads as used on the gown, and gold accents.

As with all of our items, great attention is paid to accurate historical look and details.

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