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Elizabeth Tudor
3rd in the series:
Tudor Queens
Elizabeth I
7 September 1533 – 24 March 1603
Queen Elizabeth I was the daughter of Henry the VIII and his second wife, Anne Boleyn.
Elizabeth's young life was filled with turmoil, first a princess, then ordered away from her father's home and declared illegitimate after the execution of her mother, Anne Boleyn.

Elizabeth's journey to the throne was one of constant danger and peril, usually from members of her own family.  She was raised in many different noble households,
Elizabeth was an intelligent young woman, educated by scholars who made sure she had a full education.

Elizabeth was Protestant, which caused friction between her and her sister, Mary, who during her reign had burned many "heretics" at the stake.
Elizabeth's own life was also at stake, and she spent time in the tower, but Mary, in mercy for her sister, released her.


Elizabeth became queen at age 25, upon the death of her sister, Mary Tudor.
There is more of the story to come, as we work our way through the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.

Elizabeth's gown is made of a warm rose colored dupioni silk, and fully lined.  The neckline is heavily beaded with black Czech glass beads, antique gold delica beads and faux pearls.  The under skirt and cuffs are made of warm tan dupioni silk.  Both are lined and the skirt snaps at the back.  The cuffs are accented with white puffs and black Czech glass beads and antique gold delica beads.  Her headpiece is made of sturdy materials and covered with the same rose dupioni as used for the gown.  It is heavily beaded with tiny faux pearls and black Czech glass beads.  There is a long black veil at the back.  Her jewelry is made of small faux glass pearls, antique gold accents and black Czech glass beads.  There is a small black and antique gold pendant on the necklace and an antique gold cross on the beaded belt.


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