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Lady Jane Grey
1st in the series:
Tudor Queens
Jane was a reluctant queen, who didn't aspire to the throne.  She was well educated and religious, and had no interest in being a queen.  She was also the cousin of Mary and Elizabeth Tudor.  She was a young girl, of about 16 when she was placed on the throne by her family.  She was not actually in the succession as written by Henry VIII.
She was placed next in line by Henry's son, Edward VI, after he was pressured by some of his councilors. 
Edward was Protestant, as was Jane, and she was pushed to the throne to keep England from becoming ruled by Catholics.
Jane only reigned over England for a mere nine days, and is remembered as the
"Nine Days Queen".
Mary Tudor, Edward's sister and the daughter of Henry VIII, and the rightful heir to the throne, returned to England and imprisoned Jane and her husband Guilford Dudley.
  Both Jane and Guilford were tried for treason, as Jane was viewed as a usurper of the throne.  They were both found guilty and sentenced to death. 

Mary had assured Jane that they would be released after a time in the tower.  While Jane and Guilford were in the tower, Jane's father led Wyatt's Rebellion, an uprising against Mary and her throne.  Mary was engaged to Prince Phillip of Spain, who was also a Catholic. In order to stop the uprisings in Jane's name, and to quiet Spain's Prince Phillip's concerns of further uprisings, Mary reluctantly choose to follow through with the executions.
On February 12, 1554, Jane was taken from the tower to the tower green.  Her husband had already been executed, and she faced her death with dignity and strength.

Jane didn't rule long enough to make any real changes in the history of England, but her story is a sad reminder of how brutal life was in Tudor England, and touches almost everyone who reads it.
She was a child, pushed to rule by power seeking relatives, and in the end paid the ultimate price for her families aspirations.

Jane's regal gown is made of a deep burgundy dupioni silk.  It is fully lined and snaps at the back.  It has antique gold trim and beaded with tiny white faux pearls.  The partlet is attached to the gown, and snaps under the arms and at the back, and lined in white silk, accented with gold embroidery.  The front is accented with small antique gold and black Czech glass beads.  The over sleeves are made of soft velvet with gold detailing.  Her cuffs are made of an olive green taffeta, accented with gold and black beads and "puff" accents.  Her underskirt is made of olive green embroidered taffeta and is fully lined, snapping at the back.  Her French Hood is made of sturdy material and covered with white and deep burgundy silk.  It is accented with antique gold trim and black Czech, garnet and antique gold beads.  A long black veil hangs from the back.  Her jewelry is made of tiny faux pearls, antique gold delica beads and a black and antique gold pendant.  

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