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  Victorian Gown
Included in ensemble:
Gown, Riding jacket, hat and jewelry.
(Doll is not included.)

This lovely Victorian ensemble is made of deep emerald dupioini silk, and forest green dupioni silk.  The ensemble is a three piece group.  The first piece is the under gowns, which compose the bottom two layers of her long skirt.  These have been made separately from the rest of the gown and sit a little lower on the waist to avoid bulk at the waist.  The bodice and top two skirts are combined into one piece, fully lined and snap at the back.  The riding jacket is a form-fitting and flattering.  It is also fully lined and snaps at the front.  The full brimmed hat is made of sturdy materials, covered in the same fabrics as the gown, and accented with faux pearls, and handmade silk flowers.  The jewelry is made of the same faux pearls, Swarovski beads, and silver accents.  Each bead on this gown has been hand sewn.
As with all of our items, great attention is paid to accurate historical look and details.
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