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  Celtic Historical Gown
Included in ensemble:
Overgown, underskirt, chemise, shawl, hat, belt, decorative sword, leather pouch, goblet, and jewelry.
(Doll is not included.)

This lovely Celtic ensemble has many pieces to it.  The over gown is made of black silk dupioni, and is accented with antique silver trim.  It laces at the front but also snaps at the back, so the lacing at the front doesn't need to be untied.  The underskirt and shawl are made of red, black and tan homespun cotton.  The chemise is made of white cotton gauze fabric, is very feminine, snaps at the back, and has long flowing sleeves. Her belt and pouch are made of embossed leather, with many goodies hanging from the belt.  The "buckle" is made of antique silver and accented with a heart.  The "goodies" include a decorative sword, pouch, a goblet, and heart.  The hat is made of black silk dupioni and accented with a silver charm, and peacock feathers. Her necklace is made of a Celtic charm and antique silver chain.  Her shawl is pinned on with antique silver charms on pins.



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