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Gift Certificates

I have received a number of requests for the option to purchase an item for another person, so I have added the option to purchase gift certificates and you can present them to whoever you like.
These gift certificates come in a number of dollar amounts, up to the price of a full commission.
These gift certificates can be used as payment towards eBay auction items, and direct sales from the website, and commissions.

Upon purchase, I will contact you to work out the details, and if this is a full commission purchase for another person, work out a commission date with you.
Purchase of a full $200 gift certificate includes a full commission of one item (women's gown, men's ensemble, etc)
Purchases of lower amounts can be used towards eBay auctions or commissioned items, with the remaining balance paid by the recipient.

In order to make the process run smoothly, please include the following information:
Amount of Gift Certificate
How would you like to notify your recipient?
Recipient First and Last Name
Recipient Email Address

Commission availability is based on my commission calendar, please email prior to purchase if you have any questions, or a specific time frame in mind, and we can work out the details prior to purchase.
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