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Anne of Cleves
5th in the series:
Henry VIII and His Six Wives
Anne of Cleves was the fourth wife of Henry the VIII.
After the death of Jane Seymour, Henry did not marry for two years.
Henry's match with Anne of Cleves was not a "love match".  Much negotiation happened before Henry agreed to marry Anne.
Thomas Cromwell pushed Henry to marry Anne, in order to create a relationship with the Protestant league.  Along with the marriage to Anne would come the support of the German army at a time when Henry needed an alliance with a strong country.
Anne was born in 1515 in Germany.  She was not aware of the ways of the English court.  She had not been educated in music and poetry, but in domestic manners.
Hans Holbein was sent to Germany to paint a portrait of Anne to take back to Henry.  It is said that Holbein's painting made Anne appear more attractive than she actually was.

After surprising Anne, and posing as one of his own courtiers, Henry was not happy with Anne in any way, and did not want to marry her.  Afraid he would lose face, Henry married Anne on January 6, 1540, already devising ways out of this marriage.  Henry and Anne's marriage lasted a mere six months, and Anne knew it was prudent to not object when Henry demanded an annulment.  His attentions had fallen upon the young, flirtatious Katherine Howard, and he was ready to be rid of his queen.  Anne left the court, and was given Hever Castle, the childhood home of Anne Boleyn.  She stayed on in England and enjoyed a friendship with the king as "The King's Sister" and remained close to Henry's children.  She passed away in July of 1557.

Anne's gown is made of a warm red dupioni silk, and a warm gold flowered brocade.  It is heavily detailed in antique gold trim, and heavy hand beadwork.  Make sure you take a look at the close up pictures below for a good look at the detail work on the bodice. Of all the gowns in this series, Anne's is the most detailed and elaborate.  Her chemise is made of a soft cotton, and accented with off white lace.  It is also accented at the cuffs with gold embroidery.  Her headpiece is made of sturdy materials and very heavily beaded, as in her portrait.  Her jewelry is made of antique gold chain and beads, along with black and red Czech glass beads.  Her needlework is embroidered in flowers and her name.
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