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Catherine Parr
6th in the series:
Henry VIII and His Six Wives
Catherine Parr was the sixth wife of Henry the VIII.  In Henry's later years, after the execution of Katherine Howard, Henry chose to marry one more time.  This time Henry did not marry for lust, or for the want of an heir.  He married for companionship.
Catherine was educated, and wrote two books, Prayers or Meditations, and The Lamentation of a Sinner, the later published after Henry's death.  Catherine was a Protestant, which angered the Catholic members of Henry's court.  Catherine was rumored  of owning heretical books.  A warrant for heresy was drawn up, and Catherine was made aware of it when Henry's counselor dropped it, and it was brought to her by a loyal courtier.
She narrowly escaped the same fate as Katherine Howard and Anne Boleyn.
Only her way with words, and her show of her reticence when pleading with Henry saved her from the scaffold.
Catherine was good to Henry's children, Mary, Elizabeth, and Edward, and personally participated in the education of the younger two.

Catherine was a good companion to Henry in his waning years, and was with him until his death in 1547. After leaving the court, she married Thomas Seymour, and gave birth to a daughter in 1548.  Catherine became ill with puerperal fever (childbed fever) and did not live to see her daughter grow up.  She died on September 5, 1548, and was buried at Sudeley Castle.

Catherine's overgown, known as a ropa, is made of a deep burgundy dupioni silk, and trimmed in black embroidered silk.  The full sleeves are also trimmed in the same silk and accented with antique gold and faux pearl beads.  The collar is made of a soft ivory brocade and beaded with faux pearls.  Her ropa is fully lined and closes in the front with hooks and eyes.  The back of the coat is accented with an antique gold filigree.  Her chemise is made of soft cotton.  Her underskirt is made of black taffeta, with antique gold floral scrolling. The underskirt is fully lined and snaps at the back.  Her headpiece has a velvet flat cap with an off white coif attached.  The hat is accented with the same beads as the gown and accented with a feather.  Her small prayerbook is made of felt, with a cross on the front and back.

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