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Henry VIII,
King of England

7th in the series:
Henry VIII and His Six Wives
Henry Tudor was King of England from 1509 to 1547.
Henry is probably remembered most for his six different wives.  He is remembered as a tyrant, not afraid to execute his closest friends and councilors to have his way.
Henry's driving ambition was to father an heir to the English throne, and this took him through his first three marriages.  He was married to Catherine of Aragon at a young age and was married to her for at least 20 years before a contentious divorce that split the Catholic Church and started the Reformation.  This marriage saw numerous pregnancies but only one surviving heir, a daughter Mary.
He then married Anne Boleyn, after long, frustrating courtship.  Again, his drive was to have a son, and after Anne was unable to give him a living son, Henry's attentions moved on yet again, to one of her ladies in waiting, Jane Seymour.  His marriage to Anne gave him his daughter Elizabeth.  Anne was executed on trumped up charges of treason and incest, freeing Henry to marry Jane Seymour, who gave him a son, but died of infection after the birth. 

 Henry then was pushed into a marriage more of political importance.  Henry never did consummate his marriage to Anne of Cleves, who was brought over by Thomas Cromwell, Henry's councilor.  He found her unappealing and was very angry with Thomas Cromwell for arranging the marriage. After annulling the marriage to Anne of Cleves, he moved on to teenager and flirtatious Katherine Howard.  This marriage produced no children either, and ended in the execution of Katherine for adultery.  By this time, Henry was old, not well, and only had a few years of life left.  He chose to marry Catherine Parr, and spent the last of his years with her.

This is a very abbreviated version of Henry's years as king, and focuses only on Henry's marriages.  For more information (that simply won't fit in an auction) I would strongly recommend looking more information on Henry up on the internet.  He was truly a fascinating ruler, and did much more during his reign that have six wives.

Henry's outfit is made of deep gold dupioni silk, deep burgundy dupioni silk, and brown chenille.  The doublet is accented with white puffs and deep red Czech glass beads and antique gold accents.  The ensemble also came with a white cotton under blouse with ruffles at the neck and cuffs.  The over coat, called a "great coat", is made of the deep burgundy dupioni silk, and lined in brown chenille.  It is accented with antique gold trim and faux pearls.  His hat is made of sturdy materials and covered in black velvet, and accented heavily with garnet beads, faux pearls and antique gold accents and chain.  It is topped off with white feathers.  The tights are made of a soft stretch nylon and the shoes are made of off-white suede and accented with the same beads as the ensemble.  The jewelry, including the chain of office is made of antique gold and the same beads as the ensemble.


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