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Jane Seymour
3rd in the series:
Henry VIII and His Six Wives
Jane Seymour was the third wife of Henry the VIII.

Jane was lady-in-waiting to Anne Boleyn, and Henry began to show favor to her before the execution of Anne Boleyn.
As with his relationship with Anne Boleyn, this courtship began in full view of the queen.
Jane is remembered as being the only wife of Henry the VIII to give him an heir, Edward VI.
It is debated whether Jane was meek and docile by nature, or out of fear of Henry, and what she had seen happen to his first two wives, or whether she was also determined to be queen, and played on Henry's need for a docile wife to achieve that goal.
Jane was Catholic, in a world that was violently becoming Protestant after Henry's break with the Catholic church.
Jane's time with Henry is remembered as the time when the monasteries were being burned and the riches being transferred to Henry.
Jane's only protest brought a dire reminder from Henry of what happened to his previous wife.

Jane was good to Henry's daughters, Mary and Elizabeth, and assisted in bringing both girls back to court and closer once again to the king.
Jane became pregnant in 1537, and gave Henry his long sought after heir.  The birth of Edward was followed sadly by Jane's death from puerperal fever days later, the same illness Henry's mother died from.

History remembers Jane as the king's "true love", and his time with her as Henry's happiest time.

She is buried next to him at Westminster Abbey.

Jane's gown is made of a rich red dupioni silk, with antique gold trim and hand beading.  Her full sleeves have been embroidered with gold thread, and the neckline is heavily beaded as in her portrait.  Her under gown and cuffs are made of a soft golden silk.  The cuffs are beaded and accented with white silk.  Jane's headpiece is known as a gabled hood, and is covered in gold and white silk.  It is heavily beaded with faux pearls, red Czech glass beads, and antique gold delica beads.  It has a black silk veil at the back.  Her jewelry is made of faux pearls, antique gold delica beads, and red Czech glass beads, with an antique gold pendant.  She also wears a waist belt known as a Girdle.  It is made of faux pearls and red Czech glass beads with a cross accent at the bottom.  Her charm is on a long golden chain and is a replica of the necklace given to her by Henry when he was courting her. For those that know the history, this is reminiscent of the necklace Anne tore from around Jane's neck when she found out Henry was courting her.

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